Tube Haus is centrally located near New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Austin in Canyon Lake, TX., on FM 306 (Maps & Directions),
and Tube Haus specializes in Guadalupe River Tube Rides, Tube Floats, Inner Tube Float Trips, Tube Rentals, Cooler Tubes, floating & tubing
on the Guadalupe River. Tube Haus is conveniently located at the very beginning of the famous Horseshoe Loop!
– At Tube Haus there is “No Can Ban” or Ban on Disposable Containers”, and at Tube Haus, you can bring your music with you on the river without being hassled by local Law Enforcement!
– At Tube Haus alcohol and open containers are legal on the river, but glass containers are not, so bring your beverages in cans or plastic bottles (please drink responsibly to ensure your safety and of those around you).
– There are “No Restrictions on Cooler Size” at Tube Haus, bring any size cooler you like, however Styrofoam and Glass are banned on the River, so no Styrofoam Coolers or Ice Chests or and type of Styrofoam Listings or Glass Listings are allowed on the river.
How long does it take to float or ride down the Guadalupe River? See Guadalupe River Float Map below… The time it takes to float or tube down the Guadalupe River depends on which “Float Trip” you choose. Float times vary depending on how fast the river is flowing, measured in “CFS” (cubic feet per second). The higher the CFS, the faster the river is flowing, thus reducing the time it takes to float each Float trip as opposed to the lower the CFS, the longer it takes to complete your float trip. 

Guadalupe River Tubing Float Map

Map Key

  • Location “A” is the “Entry Point” to enter the Guadalupe River from Tube Haus and is also the beginning of the “Short Float” and the “Long Float-
    (The walk to “Entry Point A” is about 100 yards from Tube Haus)
  • Location “B” is the “Exit Point” for the “Short Float”. Tube Haus customers floating the “Short Float” will exit the river right before the Bridge. (Note: If you are floating the “Short Float”, do not go under or past the Bridge, get out BEFORE the bridge and walk up the footpath from the river to the “Shuttle Pick Up Area” for Tube Haus.) Customers who are floating the “Long Float” will float on past Location “B” and continue onto Location “C” past the 4th Crossing Bridge, all the way down to “Little Ponderosa”, as shown on the Map.
  • Location “C” is at the Little Ponderosa Bridge and is the “Exit Point” for all Tube Haus customers who are floating the “Long Float Trip”. Customers will exit from the river at Little Ponderosa and take the Shuttle back to Tube Haus.
  • Short Float: Points A to B (1 mile in length – Horseshoe Loop)
    Float Time: About 1 to 2 hours depending on River Levels.
  • Long Float – (Subject to River Levels) (about 4 miles in length) Float Time: About 5 to 6 hours depending on River Levels.

    Note: River Levels can vary from day to day which will have a direct impact on the availability and on how long any given float trip will take to complete. We suggest that you ask anyone on the Tube Haus staff how much time your float trip will take to complete on the day you are floating to get the most accurate float trip time possible. 

If you want to experience Texas River Tubing at it’s finest, there is only one place to go… Tube Haus!  Look for the BIG Texas Flag painted on our Huge Billboard and you’ll find the best river tubing and float trips on inner tubes in Texas! We’re located at the beginning of “The Famous Horseshoe Loop” section of the Guadalupe River, which is a 1 mile stretch of the river shaped just like a Horseshoe!  The Bridge on the left side of the “Entry Point” is where you will begin your Float Trip. The Bridge on the right side of the Horseshoe is the “Exit Point” for our “Short Float“, if you continue floating past that Bridge, you will float another 1 1/2 miles to the “4th Crossing Bridge” and “Take Out Point”, which marks the end of our “Long FloatFloating down the Guadalupe River on inner tubes is fast becoming one of the most socially popular and fun ways to stay cool under the hot Texas sun all summer long! 

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